Black Jack A brief guide to the game
Blackjack is the among the most popular casino games in the world and is a fairly easy game to learn for beginners. The game has also been popular by the name Vingt-et-un or twenty one as the whole idea of the game is centered on this number. The basic idea of the game is the comparison of the cards of several players (1- any number) and a single dealer. The game uses one or more deck of 52 cards depending upon the number of players. The count of the cards dealt to the player and any subsequent additions should be closer to 21 or equal to it to win the game. The count of the dealer should be lesser than the player’s or greater than 21 to win the game. You lose your hand if your count exceeds 21. The name is derived from the interesting introduction of this game, which was earlier popular in Spain and France, in USA. The promoters attracted the new players by offering 10:1 bonus on their wagers if they have a hand with an Ace (spades) and a Black Jack (either the clubs or spades). This Hand was typically popular as a “BlackJack”. This tradition of bonus was removed but the name remained the same. Also, nowadays a hand with an ace and a jack (any color and sign) is called a Blackjack.

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