Winning Poker hands in order
Poker is a lot of fun to play if the player is aware of the winning poker hands in order. Understanding the correct order of poker hands is really important for a player and works a key for a player. The poker hands have been listed below arranged from the strongest to the weakest.

Royal Flush It is the strongest hand that is possible and it contains the King Queen, Ace, Ten and Jack.

Straight Flush :Straight Flush is any straight hand. Royal Flush is the highest kind of

Straight flush.

Quads (4 0f a kind) This type is beaten only by a straight flush and 4 aces is the highest quads hand.

Full house: A full house is a hand which takes place when there are 3 cards of one type and 2 cards of another type.

Flush: Flush consists of 5 cards of same type and it beats all the other hands that rank below it.

Straight :Straight Cards happens when  there are five cards in one order

3 of a kind :
Trips or three of a kind happens when three cards of the same type are received .If two players end up with trips then the rest of the cards are considered.

2 pairs :
These cards are very low in ranking as compared to other hands. If there is a situation in which 2 players have similar pairs then one who has the higher unpaired card wins the hand.

1 Pair
These are almost at the bottom of the poker hand rankings.

High Card :
In the event in which none of the players have any of the above mentioned cards then the player with the highest card win the game.

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